Special Hexagons

Most people using English paper piecing (EPP) to sew their patchwork sew regular hexagons. There is a lot more to sew.
Every pattern with straight lines can be assembled by first basting the patches around paper.

I have made my patchwork that way since 2007 and I still like to do it.

I will show here how I made my mandalas by using special hexagons. 
You will find links to the coloring sheet and the templates at the end of this long story.

28 inches

20 inches

I started sewing with these special hexagons in september 2011

This was the book

This was page 14

And this was the quilt

The hexagon you see here has three angles of 90 degrees and three angles of 150 degrees. 

Planning to make a mandala means that you need coloring sheets and pencils.

There are different mandalas. You can make your own choice.

These two are colored by using Windows paint.

May be you can use these two in a computerprogram.

You need cardboard or transparant material to make the templates you need to trace around on the fabric. I took a pizza box.

Templates are in two sizes. Side length 1 inch and side length 1 1/4 inch (which is 125 %)

You can make a choice between them.

The strawberry mandala and the little green one have side lengths of 1 inch. The multicolored has a side length of 1 1/4 inch.
I made that size too for people who can order acrylic templates at Paperpieces.com. Here is the link. They don't have that shape for 1 inch. 

I use Clover wonderclips. My needle goes only through the fabric, not through the paper.

I baste the fabric around normal paper (75 or 80 grams paper from my printer). It is thin, you can use it only once, but it is smooth to handle and you will get beautiful points. Cardboard is too thick when you sew sharp angles. And don't sew through the paper, only on the backside. You leave the treads in your work, and on the backside it is flat already.

This is not possible when you use cardboard. Bending is necessary here.

Here are the different sizes again. They are for different mandalas.

It seems a lot of work, but it is not. You can work in circles and join them together later with the large triangles. For one circle you have to cut papers: 16 shields, 4 diamonds and 8 triangles. It takes 10 minutes.
Basting around the papers takes more time, it depends on your experience. For one circle I use 50 minutes. But after cutting papers and basting the fabric, you are going to do the most enjoyable work and that is sewing together.

For the small triangles I use a thin crochet needle to get the papers out. And here you will be so happy not to have glued the papers on the fabric! 

I called it a circle, but actually it is a dodecagon.

When you make a large mandala, you make the choice for the sequence you sew parts together.

Here I joined the different parts at the end.

I made it from the center to the outside.

And - of course - you can play with the parts, if they are made with the same size templates.

Put the little mandala on the strawberries

and you will get this.

The links to the patterns:

Coloring sheets
Templates to trace around

Papertemplates for side length 1 inch

Papertemplates for shields 1 1/4 inch
Papertemplates for small triangles 1 1/4 inch
Papertemplates for large triangles 1 1/4 inch

There are no templates for the diamonds. Just leave two small triangles together.

I am planning a new mandala.

If you like my pattern, sew it. And enjoy!
It is allowed to place pictures on Pinterest, but do not publish the whole tutorial, links to the pattern sheets or the sheets themselves.
The shape is not new, but the patterns I made are mine. So link to this weblog or this page. People can find the links on this page.
Respect the copyright.

You can find more about this special hexagon on this weblog, but in Dutch. There is a translate button.

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